A Tryst... an encounter, a time and place carved out in secret by two lovers that desperately count the minutes until their next embrace.

A sweet diversion from reality into a state of eroticism. A well-deserved break from the demands of our hectic lives... we can escape and get lost in a world filled with hedonistic pleasures.

Skilled in the art of seduction and a master of feminine charms, I can't wait to tangle you into a web of sheer ecstasy.

If a matured 50yr old voluptuous, fiery red haired, blue eyed, freckled woman tickles your fancy, I just might be the antidote for you! I'm 5'8' highly educated, well traveled and spoken. I absolutely love to entertain and keep the company of distinguished gentlemen who know and can appreciate the delicacy of a woman of my caliber.

My disposition is genuine and nurturing, but I also have an adventurous side that likes to let loose when the right chemistries collide. 

I'm extremely selective in the company that I keep and favor a small circle of close friends. Longer engagements are preferred... we can take our time, and truly explore one another.

                                                   Gabby xox